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TUESDAY 23 JUNE, 2015 |

Alkemia Perfumes' new summer series:

Koi No Yokan: Plum blossoms, lily of the valley, white musk, and water lotus kindled by dry aged Japanese cedar, tempting black currants & exotic pomelo and tamarind.

La Isla Encantada: Pomelo, chironja, sweet creme de coco, ginger flower, passionfruit, heliotrope, neroli blossoms, fresh figs, pineapple & Madagascar vanilla-infused white amber

Leaves of Grass: Fresh cut grass, clover hay, melon, ivy, white sandalwood, freshly cut freesia, green amber & the journeywork of stars

Lilacs Along the Winding Drive: Lilac bushes heavy with blooms, a gentle breeze after a spring rain, a dusty driveway, a rusty porch swing & a handful of violets

Psychedelique: Nag Champa incense, dark spiced rum, black amber, opium, laudanum, hashish, with a raunchy splash of sexy patchouli. Unisex blend

Reverie Balneaire: The remains of a driftwood bonfire, white sand, dried seaweed, a kiss of ocean waves & sun warmed skin musk

Sun Dried Laundry in a Summer Rain: Stonewashed linen and sun-dried cotton billowing on an old-fashioned clothesline spattered by the first drops of summer rain. Unisex blend

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